Delfonic / Kapote

Illegal Jazz Vol 5

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Illegal Jazz

About this item

It might be Illegal Jazz by name, but these cuts are more deep house by nature! The highly collectable series reach number five: highly musical, half cut-up, half instrumental pleasure - maximum deep house vibe throughout!

These four cuts nail that organic vibe perfectly; featuring bucketful’s of live instrumentation; jazz-informed drum palettes and grooves, plus a real poise to the arrangement and sequencing. There's even some tastefully deployed 'whoops' & 'las'!! Bringing that light, skippy, summery feel to cheer you up this deep mid winter!

Expect to be played by DJs like: MCDE, Ruf Dug, Hidden Spheres, Bradley Zero etc.


Matt says: Four deft and musical offerings of deep disco house pleasure here from two well striped veterans of the scene.


Side 1
1. Surface Scratch (7:41)
2. Lightspeed (6:27)
Side 2
1. Wind Of Change (6:04)
2. No Lament (7:05)

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