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2 Bit Crew star on their own label here with a three track EP of sexy, refined, understated house music. Gently populated with light, proggy breaks, "Roller" opens proceedings with an expansive, outdoor-friendly vibe that'll get the fields and tents poppin' nicely. Swirling pads, gated cascading synthlines and a buoyant, skippy groove all combining for maximum free party goodness.

"Honeywell" is pure Chi-town-via-UK house. Reminds me of what Peacefrog were all about around 1999 - 2003. Proper swung hats, rib-punch kick drum and dreamy pads; all constructed with a kinetic, functional, dance-friendly arrangement in mind. Warm up tackle that'll get the floor sizzling well before its peak.

"Step Up" concludes with simple drifting sonics, dubby vibe and well executed breakbeat. Nods to hardcore / rave come as standard these days but the track's feminine and gentle approach leave it much more suited to after hours / come down hug-ins and luv-ins than the fist-pumping masculinity associated with 2AM in the warehouse. A stoned & sensuous track that’ll you excitedly be awaiting to play to people all the way home from the club. Mega stuff.


Matt says: Edgy and streamlined, functional dance tracks that'll have your head nodding, eyes-wide-shut, vigorously locked into the groove well after the record's end. Perfect for continuing the party after the club's closed; continuous foot tapping - no sleep till Monday let's gooooooo!


Side 1
1. Roller (5:48)
2. Honeywell (5:23)
Side 2
1. Step Up (6:17)

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