A Guy Called Gerald

Britain's Dirty Little Secret

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Moozikeh Analog Room

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Most northerners don't need too much of a reason to get excited by A Guy Called Gerald. Aside from writing one of the biggest 'Madchester' and Hacienda hits with "Voodoo Ray", his albums "Automanikk", "28 Gun Badboy" and "Black Secret Technology" have become widely regarded as seminal and innovative moments across house and techno - influencing countless producers across the world whilst remaining almost timeless across musical periods and genres. There's a sophisticated futurism - functional, kinetic yet rich with musical expression - embedding in all of Gerald's productions.

This record is a real labour of love as Gerald states: “This release is based on a real friendship. I feel part of the Analog Room family. Back in the early days, that’s how it was. These days, it’s like,‘Oh, you’re famous, let’s do something.’ I’m not interested in that. I’m not interested in being a celebrity or living that life. I’m the same as I was 30 years ago, all I care about is the music. With Mehdi, we have spent hours jamming in private in Dubai, we have partied together. We’ve vibed together for so long and he’s shown me new parts of the world I should be making and playing music in, away from the trendy scenes in other places. So this is an exclusive just for him. I’m not looking at doing anything else with anyone, and the music is just about celebrating individuality rather than trying to fit in anywhere.”

The EP is a mixture of different things. Some of it is unreleased material from the vaults revisited, some of it is brand new. It opens up with the devastating "Old Skool" - a writhing, physical track with naughty bass. The drums hark back to Gerald’s early days of making jungle but reimagined through a modern perspective. As the synths spray about the mix and the percussion bounces atop the jostling drums, muttered vocals draw you in deeper. "Sugoi" is an experimental track that fuses ambient synth design with the spacious and eerie atmospheres of jungle. Nimble drums get you on your toes as the spangled synths twist and turn in all directions. It is a thrillingly original, impossible to define track.

"Flash Fight" is built on a captivating rhythm that sits in the area where house, techno and jungle intersect. It is warm and cavernous, physical yet elegant as it bounces on rubbery kicks and lithe synths roam in and out of earshot. Perfect for those sweaty, cozy back rooms, it’s another masterclass from Gerald. Closing out the EP is "False Religion", a deep-rooted house track with elastic drums and haunting, wispy pads. As a subtle acid bassline rises and falls way down below, Gerald’s own mystic whispers leave listeners hypnotized.

This is an absolute treat to kick off 2022! Sleep on this at your peril! 


Matt says: Gerald's gotta be one of the classiest, sophisticated and forward focussed producers our city's has ever birthed. Here we find the acid house luminary holding no punches as he delivers a hard edged, aggressive blend of breakbeat, bass and techno which, quite frankly, blows everything else out of the water! What a legacy. What a producer!


A1. Old School
A2. Sugoi
B1. Flash Fight
B2. False Religion

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