Image of Melodien - MonadImage of Melodien - Monad
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Record Label
Polytechnic Youth

About this item

The magical, Liverpool based MELODIEN release their fifth LP for the Polytechnic Youth label as the New Year kicks off. Harry Sumnall’s superb Kraut tinged project continues to produce some of the most authentic Germanic Kosmische currently out there, also drawing inspiration from classic US and European electronic artists such as Suzanne Doucet, Lapre, and Peter Michael Hamel, and contemporaries such as Jonathan Fitoussi.

As Harry himself explains: “Monad is a meditation on the indivisible; the past and future that unfolds; the pre-established harmony that unveils the universe. Built on soft and ornate synth sequences, live bass, and clockwork rhythms, tracks range from Kosmische new age excursions to Linn lysergic disco”.

The album features wonderful, original album artwork by Fernando Manfrini, and is released as a one time pressing of 300 copies. 

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