General Ehi Duncan And The Africa Army Express

Africa My No. 1

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This single features a key track from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Originally released to domestic markets in 1987. The titular track is taken from a difficult to attain LP by Nigerian reggae artist Ehi Duncan. Here he explores a more up-tempo electronic afro funk / reggae-disco direction. Poking organs, a hugely anthemic hook, delicately picked guitar lines and super warm bass, not to mention the brilliant lyrics; all combine to make this tribute to Africa one that you won't forget in a hurry!

Captain Planet provides 2 classy modernised versions. The tracks transition between tight organic reggae funk, afro disco & the fatter electronic beats offered by today's production methods.

Debut release from newcomer label Canopy out of New Zealand. Compiled and conceptualized by label head DJ Sumosui.


Matt says: Huge Benin boogie record from '87 given a new lease of life here via Canopy. The label have chosen this tribute to Africa their debut release - so things are looking good under the Canopy!


Africa My No. 1 (Captain Planet Remix Ft Ibibio Horns)
Africa My No. 1 (Captain Planet Marimba Vibes)
Africa My No. 1

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