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Woodford Halse

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New CD edition of January's quickly sold-out cassette 'Vignettes'. Includes bonus track not on original release. 

“Hazy summer montages, worn film and distant fuzzy rock radio. Festivals staring at shifting clouds, green grass tickling your neck…” So says Barry “Apta” Smethurst of the feel he was aiming to capture on this superlative collection of instrumentals. Based in Manchester, he cites Sigur Ros and Boards of Canada as influences, but the album has more in common with the sense of pastoral stillness evoked so perfectly by Brian Eno on the blissful second side of Before And After Science.

It shimmers. It soothes. It is an idle sunny afternoon of a record, steeped in restless daydreams of hovering dragonflies and slow-moving water. ‘12v’ is the most Eno-esque, a delicate dance of puckish guitar and electric piano slowly subsumed by the ebb of modular synths. ‘Spark’ is five minutes of impudent pizzacato that launches into the softest of beats, and closer ‘The Inward Eye’ is a gentle awakening with a smile a mile wide. Beautiful. - Bob Fischer, Electronic sound 


Matt says: Beginning with the pure celestial tones of "Breeze", you could be mistaken to think Apta had taken a turn towards Iasos' deep sound spirituality. For his ever growing fanbase - those Tamagotchi utopias are still shining ever present in crystalline hi-def. But there IS a sense of something greater here; a practice and methodology akin to meditation; everything is thought out, programmed, and done for reason. By getting deeper inside his circuits Apta seems to be eking out a new cosmic consciousness, almost preparing us for the metaverse before we inhabit it. Incredible.


1. Breeze 01:41
2. The First Sight 03:22
3. 12v 05:14
4. Try, Try 03:29
5. Segue 02:16
6. Equinox 04:41
7. Spark 05:22
8. Name3674982 04:39
9. We Watch The Horizon Fade 06:48
10. The Inward Eye 03:55
11. Drive (bonus - Download/CD Only) 04:49 

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