Final Cut

Deep Into The Cut

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We Can Elude Control

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Reissue of Final Cut aka Jeff Mills and Anthony Scrock 80's industrual album 'Deep Into The Cut' which was reissued in 2016 by our pal Paul Purgas on We Can Elude Control

Released in1989  and produced by Jeff Mills and Anthony Srock. Recorded prior to Mills's departure from the project, "Deep Into The Cut" marks a significant moment in the convergence of the classic industrial aesthetic and the emerging sound of Detroit techno. This reissue serves as a window into this unique moment, evoking both the transgressive spirit of European industrial music and the raw militant power of early Underground Resistance. The album declaims a message of sonic urgency across its 11 tracks, and still stands as a landmark statement of the industrial techno sound.
Remastered in Berlin by Rashad Becker, this edition presents the full album as a double vinyl release for the first time.


A1. She Destroys
A2. Rotation
A3. Temptation
B1. Told Ya Not To Stop
B2. Burn Baby Burn
C1. Now That's So Funky
C2. Harmony
C3. Celestial VSU
D1. Open Your Eyes
D2. The Prosecuted
D3. The Escape

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