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Undulating Waters 6

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Woodford Halse

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Suddenly aware, I became afraid. My surroundings became oppressive, dangerous. Streetlights glared down at me; crossings dared me to try my luck; a telephone box shook unendingly with the clanging bell of a call I dared not answer. I felt that I could not place my feet down too heavily or too permanently, somehow anxious that a snaking tendril might encircle my ankle, or the very concrete of the pathway open and snap around my boot like an animal trap. As I skipped nervously across the various graduated surfaces of what was once my domain, I must have looked like a demented Astronaut, or a Water Boatman in the last few frenetic days of its busy year of life.

Hector, my companion and leading light, perhaps embarrassed by my uncoordinated perambulations, had disappeared. So much for canine loyalty.

Without a guide, and increasingly apprehensive, I decided to head for the one place in Woodford Halse that might ostensibly provide me with some comfort, some quietus, perhaps, even, a cup of tea: my parents house, my house - Home.


Barry says: Another superb collection from Woodford Halse. this time unfortunately sullied with my own track, Meniscus. Both these collections are stunning examples of the breadth of styles embraced by the musicians in this arena, and this one is probably my favourite of the two DESPITE my inclusion. Superb collection.


1. Korb - Lifeforce 05:57 Video
2. Salvatore Mercatante - Pulpo 04:10
3. Nilson - A Foggy Night Onboard 04:22
4. Personal Bandana - Silicon Island 04:18
5. Apta - Meniscus 05:23
6. Ryan James Mawbey With Jonathan Hill - Complete Surrender 1 04:00
7. Sairie - Sylvie 03:49
8. Aural Design - Concentric Waves 03:38
9. Camp Of Wolves - Percy Waves From The Dock 04:48 Video
10. Luzon Valley Fearless - Columbia 05:57
11. Xylitol - Insignificance 04:50
12. Bernard Grancher - Je Ne Saurais Pas Quoi Faire D'un Tel Regard 04:53
13. Holy Ghost People Featuring Adam Stone - Chemical Works 06:16
14. Angeline Morrison - Abode Of Spirits 04:12
15.  Quiet Clapping - The Depths 06:02

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