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Undulating Waters 7

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Woodford Halse

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When I left Woodford Halse twenty years ago, I did so without rancour, but also entirely without regret. It wasn’t the sort of place anyone lived in. It lacked scope, space, possibility. It was to the world what a model village is to a real city: small, staged, sterile - a facsimile of life. I hadn’t meant the break to be so definitive. Caught up in my own life and self-importance, I hadn’t been back more than three times in twenty years, never in the last decade. I kept in touch with my parents, of course, calling them once a week and occasionally meeting them at some equi-distant pub / restaurant for a mixed grill or Sunday Roast. It was a sad state of affairs. They deserved more. Perhaps this could be a turning point?

At last, I came to my family home, the place I was raised, nurtured. I would be safe here. I put my hand on the familiar yellow gate.

I didn’t even hear the retort of the rifle until the bullet hit me, slamming into my right shoulder like an angry bee. Dad was clearly home.

Paul Bareham


Barry says: A superb collection of ghostly ambient, simmering electronica and soaring synth bliss on the ever reliable Woodford Halse, including stunning tracks from a veritable who's who of the scene. Superb.


1. Listening Center - The Slip At Low Tide 06:03 Video
2. Keith Seatman - The Odd Admin Sub Committee 02:41
3. Letters From Mouse - Kauila 04:21 Video
4. Jacken Elswyth - Sing Herring, Sing Tail, Sing Ship, Sing Sail 04:51
5. Giants Of Discovery - The Gradual Instant 04:27
6. Polyhymns - What You Believe 04:26
7. Lo Five - Depths You Will Never Fathom 06:37
8. Rupert Lally - The Undertow 04:11
9. David Colohan - Reedbeds Of The Reserve 03:27
10. Arboria - Memory Bells 03:34
11. Ffion - Various Skies 04:47
12. The Home Current - Heaven Above Private 03:59
13. Pigeon Postal Service - The Pier Is Closed 03:57
14. Prana Crafter And Windkraft - Twitch And Drone 03:16
15. Floodlights - Domestic Constellation 05:14

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