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Picnic is J (Daisart) & mdo (C Minus). “Bonus” is a release of collaborations, remixes, and reinterpretations of the album “picnic”, featuring: Nadia Khan, Pepper (Ulla), Monkey Twenty (Pontiac Streator), Low Flung, NAP, Other Joe, Nico Niquo, JR Chaparro, Ura, Haji K, Ben Bondy, Mister Water Wet and Newworldaquarium.

It's a mix of glitch, ambient & electronica: all with a very blurred, very cerebral aesthetic that makes it simply divine listening for your next living room session! These remixes take the Picnic blueprint even further into the mainframe, stopping by pools of plasma and soaring through clouds of static before finding oneself in the total white light of the universe by the time Newworldaquarium deliver their final remix. A beautiful companion to the original piece but also an amazing stand alone album in its own right. Daisart deliver the best Christmas present ever for electronica fans! 

RIYL: Madteo, Jan Jelinek, Pole, Burnt Friedman, Youth records (FUMU, Herron, Sockethead), Astral Industries, XPQ? etc etc. 



A1. Dewey (Nadia Khan Version)
A2. Picnic, Leaving A Conversation (with Pepper, Monkey Twenty, Low Flung)
A3. Dewey (NAP Version)
B1. Elkhorn Ft. Haji K. (Other Joe Remix Ft. Nico Niquo)
B2. Folds And Rips (JR Chaparro Remix)
C1. Dewey (Ura Version)
C2. Basket (Haji K. Version)
D1. Drops In The Water (Ben Bondy Version)
D2. Picnic, Cliff Drive (with Mister Water Wet)
D3. Dewey (Newworldaquarium Version)

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