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EP - Inc. Daniel Avery Remix

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With the string of singles released over the last year and a half garnering attention from Clash, FADER, the Quietus, Under the Radar & more (Loud & Quiet calls the music 'pressurised, disorientated, battered, occasionally beautiful, often gruelling, and really good'), the band is back with their debut '' EP', which encompasses a new track alongside reimaginations of prior singles from techno auteur Daniel Avery as well as downtown New York club kids Club Eat (who Office Magazine cites as 'keeping the spirit of hedonism alive') Achored by a barrage of drums and Caulfield's tenacious vocals in French, the music presents an unyielding example of the best of what the band, primed for their return to thrilling live sets, can deliver.


Barry says: An absolutely brilliant blast of chaotic fire from Mandy, Indiana here. A stunning run, from the opening notes of jagged shapeshifting behemoth, 'Bottle Episode' to the closing duo of remixes from Avery and Club Eat, every piece is another blast of innovation. The highlight for me though has to be the writhing technoid mutation of 'Alien 3', oscillator sync grind and hypnotic french vox, what's not to love.


Bottle Episode
Nike Of Samothrace
Alien 3
Alien 3 (Daniel Avery Remix)
Nike Of Samothrace (Club Eat Remix)

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