Dubplate #1: Space Within Art

Image of Persian - Dubplate #1: Space Within Art
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Nice to see new shamanic dub star Persian contribute to Mysticisms’ first release here - a tasty 10" housed in some fine ancient artwork.

Five tracks of mystical digi-dub that'll slay dancefloors and stimulate smokers alike. There's a dusty and psychedelic quality at work here which brings to mind the most ganja-soaked Perry productions as well as the electronically-aided experiments of Sheriff Lindo and Andy Rantzen.

The quality is high throughout, moving through skanking half-tempo dancefloor freakouts, reinvented digi-steppers and gliding sub-bass workouts. Sounds like the whole thing’s been recorded in analogue too - so you get plenty of warm distortion and crackle in these most spacious of mix downs. Seriously recommended dark dub here folks – miss at your peril!


Matt says: Pitch black dread dub from Persian. Got this smoky weed-soaked vibe that sounds like it's being channelled outta Lee Perry's ganga smoke. Spiritual, shamanic, dancefloor dub - so good.


Side 1
1. Dunya 2 (extended Mix) (5:24)
2. D Dub Retwist (4:27)
Side 2
1. Space Within Art (Dubplate Mix) (3:55)
2. Jacob Dub (4:14)
3. Augustus (2:40)

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