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Too Slow To Disco Edits 07: Yacht Disco

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Too Slow To Disco

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Ready to transport you away from a cold, dark Mancunian Winter is the Too Slow To Disco cartel, fresh of the yacht with a clutch of poolside pleasure for your next sun lounger session. Packing plenty of bump on this outing from HOLDtight, Delphonic, Jack Tennis and Those Guys From Anthens.

Loopy slo-mo disco grooves characterize HOLDtight's opener, made for that sultry creep across the beachfront with darting eyes as you search for a vacated patch ready to stake your claim too. Delphonic deploys swirling Moogs across a celebratory chord sequence with the appropriate woo's and whee's to accompany such a moment. Jack Tennis gets frisky with a lost Brazilian disco number; working the low pass in a sensual but fervent manner. Those Guys From Anthens' closing nugget ensure a laid back and horizontal vibration sweeps over all who hear; we ain't leaving the party yet! As always, essential stuff for sunnier climbs. 


Side 1
1. HOLDTight - Be My Love 2 Nite
2. Delfonic - Let's Go Disco
Side 2
1. Jack Tennis - Jorge's Pipa
2. Those Guys From Athens - 4 Your Love

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