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"Addvice" is the third album from the triptyque project of Ondubground. He has become a leading light in the dub scene after starting the project in 2016.

Here we get a highly texturalized album of hard, buzzing electro-dubs rich with roots and culture but taking the formular high into the stratosphere. There's 8-bit / 4-bit crushed keyboard lines, the iconic Casio presets familiar to the Mungo's Hi-Fi crew, plumes of sub bass and endless delays of rasta vox and spiritual energy. 

It's a cyber-steppers-dubwise-paradise! And comes highly recommended from us all here at HQ.  


1. Because
2. Critical Featuring Brother Culture
3. Danube
4. From The Stars Featuring Shanti D
5. Astara
6. Deep Frequency Featuring Panda Dub
7. Evergreen

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