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No Art No Name deliver their second, anonymous, sophomore record; continuing their policy of letting the music speak for itself.

An unknown producer serves up three skilfully edited disco-house numbers which should appeal to lovers of Lumberjacks In Hell, Shir Khan and Eros.

Alexander Robotnik's "Problèmes D'Amour" gets a new blouse and a trim, represented as "Love Issues" here. "Burning Hot" unpacks some classic NYC business (title escaping me here sorry) but comin on strong thru swung, shoulder dropped beats and THOSE church organs.. Answers on a postcard before a tear my hair out please!

Finally, "Patron" sees James Brown's "Bad Mother" sped up, and looped to oblivion in a way that'll send lovers of Theo Parrish circa Plastic People & Roadhouse era into a spiraling madness. Remember when he used to loop up JB for an eternity?! Those were indeed the days... Killer stuff here from NANN. Highly prized edits for the connoisseur! 


Matt says: NANN001 now goes for over £150! Would you believe it?! Not sure if its the Derrick Carter influence (he's been caning it) but I'd say the quality is just as high on this outing from this already cult label. And it's just as limited too.... just saying! ;)


A1 - Love Issues
B1 - Burning Hot
B2 - Patron

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