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Werra Foxma

About this item

Echoes is the amazing new album from Manchester based multi instrumentalist and producer Apta.

Utilising a wide range of sound sources, from Eurorack modular to his own guitar and bass playing, the Apta sound is rich, uplifting and alive with invention and lightness.

In a genre of music where there is often more melancholy than outright happiness, Echoes imparts a feeling of joy onto the listener. Apta's mastery of the gentle guitar figure to compliment intricate synth melodies shines through in tracks such as 'The Slide', and in 'Polar(+)', with it's organ chords, synth swirls and electric bass, make you wonder what Sigur Ros would have sounded like if they had chosen a less chaotic left turn with Takk.

Echoes is such a rewarding experience, and in its complex weaving of sounds, will keep surprising you with new treasures with each listen.

All tracks written, performed and produced by Apta.
Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw.
Design by BMH Arthouse.


1. Swell 01:00
2. The Slide 03:54
3. Ripples 03:16
4. Threads 03:54
5. Polar (+) 05:33
6. Same As It Ever Was (Bokeh) 01:38
7. The Same As It Ever Was 03:57
8. DSI 03:52
9. Paraesthesia 03:38
10. Wander 03:55
11. We Tire 04:11

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