Acid Jerks

Remote Area

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Nu Groove

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The new era of Nu Groove continues to release exquisite house music with its latest package from Acid Jerks, maintaining the gold-standard level of production exhibited in its earliest releases. An anonymous project from two of Berlin’s hottest selectors, this four-track EP demonstrates a breadth and depth of house knowledge, as Acid Jerks take the listener on a cosmic trip. The deep grooves of ‘Chocolate Factory’ kick off the package, followed by the more melodic and emotive ‘Remote Area’ with lush strings and keys. ‘Square One’ has a raw, synth-heavy sound that verges on the ominous, before the tough low end and analogue muscle of ‘The Tribute’ gives added grit to the package.


Matt says: Lovin' the Nu Groove comeback! All new material from this beacon of house goodness thru the ages. Much like Toko here in the UK, which has also released new stuff this year, Nu Groove has a near-impeccable discography and will hopefully continue to entertain our dancing feet many moons into the future.


A1. Choclate Factory
A2. Remote Area
AA1. Square One
AA2 . The Tribute

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