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A much-needed reissue of the 1992 old school, breakbeat hardcore classic ‘Compnded’ b/w a killer 2015 Krafty Kuts remix. An undeniable rave anthem that’s blown the minds of many a dancefloor across the past 30 years. I guess we right in the throws of the hardcore breakbeat renaissance - and that's fine with me! Massive around these parts through parties at Bowlers, Helta Skelta and Dreamscape; anyone born between around '75-85 should be digging these feels. As for young'uns getting on board now - this'll put hairs on your instagram filter!

Summat about these tunes brings back a nostalgic feeling of innocence; even though they were indeed turbulent timesd! A pre-internet time when music was absorbed in the present, experience was not accumulated and sincerity was omnipresent.  

Massive support from day one from the likes of Carl Cox, Ray Keith, Grooverider, Slipmatt, Krafty Kuts


Matt says: A justifiably large number from the halcyon days of breakbeat hardcore. The Krafty Kuts might be a bit easier to digest these days as we're all that bit older and slower on our feet! Mega to hear this back on rotation - feel the rush!


Compnded - (Original Mix)
Compnded - (Krafty Kuts Re-Kut)

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