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Disco To Go

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Form an orderly queue! Supreme edit overlord, Sound Stream returns with a brand new label - Disco To Go. Frank Timm has become a cult adored figure through his involvement with Hardwax, Panorama Bar and the various labels that he and his affiliates have been involved in - Soundhack, MMM, Smith & Hack etc. Basically, if you're new to this cat you've got some homework to do!

Here, it seems, he's carrying on where the original Sound Stream label left off. Looping up big room, orchestral disco, beefing up the bottom end, adding some tasty cuts that'll keep the ADHD inflected youth on their toes and rolling it out with a club ready patina.

First cut is dramatic and cinematic, an entrance theme for the next DJ to take to the decks (that's you!). Certain to cause a stir of excitement with those already on the floor, and a call to arms for those still deciding on what drink they want at the bar!

Second cut is deliciously languid and smooth flowing, enticing the wallflowers into the middle of the floor for the ensuing mayhem ahead. It's a simple (but unknown) hook that never gets tiring on the ears. Classy, stylish, nuanced and well rounded - it's the Sound Stream sound and it never gets old!

Highly recommended - limited copies!


Matt says: F**k me he's back! Rightly regarded royalty round these parts, Soundstream returns with a new alias but thankfully sticks to what we know and love - melon twistingly good disco-house refixes with plenty of heft!


A1. Trick Or Track (excerpt 1)
A2. Trick Or Track (excerpt 2)

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