Leo James

Feth Fiada

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Record Label
Big Science

About this item

After several releases on tapes and 7", Lyon based label Big Science take an interesting turn with a nu-jazz and ambient release by Leo James. The Melbourne producer notches up a home run with his "Féth Fíada" EP, which features saxophonist / composer Cayn Borthwick.

Long, buzzing drones, sweeping static, phazing atmospheres and quad-tracked synthesizers all play a part in making this very big wall of sound which drifts in an out of focus like a combine harvester mowing the pastures. Then there's the blasts of saxophone, echoing off distant hills like a war horn. Reverb-drenched tablas and other assorted percussion give certain tracks momentum whilst others relish in suspended midday languidity. Its exquisitely produced, especially immersive on the headphones and features head-turning sounds one after the other. Modular synth nuts, MSP sound designers and classically trained music aficionados are all gonna find something amongst these four movements to get their teeth stuck into. 


A1. Féth Fíada (19:20)
B1. Long Amber Light (7:09)
B2. Purple Night (3:47)
B3. There’s No Trauma Here In Space, But You’re Welcome To Cry If You Want (06:45)

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