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To Will One Thing

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Laen Disc

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Farren Laen's delicately DIY label reminds us here of what those early Firecracker releases were like - heartfelt, earnest excursions into dance music pressed in low quantity with tones of sentiment.

Here he follows up last year's "Attention Renders Our Reality" with another clutch of dreaminess, hand stamped and numbered from his base in NYC.

Sure to entice hardware house lovers and box jammers the world over. Laen's patches and presets exhibit a certain finesse which has me referencing more techno-orientated artists like John Shima, Octave One and Radioactive Man; whilst his deep house, eyes-down grooves have me thinking 'has Ron Trent heard of this guy yet?!'.

While wrapped ina blurred and dreamy patina, these three tracks still snap and crackle with electricity and drift into hi-def focus through sheer mixing and instrument prowess. His signal processing is so clean and well balanced!

Seriously house lovers, you need to get on this guy sharpish. And it looks like he's keeping true to his word and not repressing or letting anything loose digitally - so you truly have a magic gem of a record that not many souls are gonna possess - isn't that what REAL underground DJs want? :0)



Matt says: Record one was a personal favourite and a widely missed hit that I secretly coveted. I'm letting you in on the action this time but blink and you'll miss heartfelt house missives straight outta NYC. Recorded with pure sentiment and feeling, yet totally in sympathy with the dancefloor. Really rate this guy me.


A1. Reality
B1. Leave Me Now
B2. Wonder, Wander

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