Two Sides Of The Same Coin

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Stupendously limited 12" from Deeptrax with Taupe at the controls. Opens with the dimension shifting, arpeggio-riding travelogue that is "Altum" before thrusting us into the fogs n lasers of "Shimmer". Both tracks smothered in a high gloss patina that makes them sparkle on the dancefloor.

Onto side B and "Joker" fires up with an incessant saw tooth buzz and wild techno drums. Reminiscent of some lost, frantic, Dave Angel number and certainly hitting the accelerator on this record. "Black Box" concludes with a splurting acid number; echo-drenched Roland drum hits spaffing against a rolling & manic acid line. Really diggin' this one folks. A dark n stormy cocktail of acid techno goodness executed with a high degree of technical proficiency. Check! 


Matt says: Deep n dark techno on the impeccable Deeptrax. Big for anyone who enjoys a 48-hour in the German capital.


Side 1
1. Altum (5:47)
2. Shimmer (5:10)
Side 2
1. Joker (5:45)
2. Black Box (5:57)

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