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Metaphor - 2021 Reissue

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Art Of Dance

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Released in 1995, "Metaphor" was Detroit techno second waver Kenny Larkin's sophomore album. Signed to R&S, it was huge in Europe, showcasing the hi-tech Motor City soul sound in its evolutionary stages. Liquid synths, pluming pads and urgent rhythms characterize this timeless and visionary album which still sounds fresh 26 years later.

Though comprised solely with digital and electronic instruments, there's an organic quality that resides in "Metaphor" which conjures up images of enchanted gardens, expansive outdoor vistas, and the magical life forces of the rainforest. If Derrick and Juan were aimed at the galaxies then Kenny sought to dwell on the extremities of our natural world. It's feminine, playful, and benign; forgoing all out-aggression for tender, sensuous and titivating passages of sound and rhythm which seek to please the listener in every way.

Now reissued across three discs with the original artwork on hefty vinyl. Every techno / electronica fan's record shelves need a copy of this!


Side 1
1. Intro (6:04)
2. Metaphor (6:42)

Side 2
1. Nocturnal (5:54)
2. Loop 1 (4:02)
3. Java (6:54)

Side 3
1. Groove (5:15)
2. Loop 1.5 (4:01)
3. Catatonic (First State)" (7:21)

Side 4
1. Catatonic (part 2) (5:53)
2. Loop 2 (4:26)
3. Soul Man (6:06)

Side 5
1. Sympathy (5:24)
2. Butterflies (8:53)

Side 6
1. Amethyst (7:49)
2. Life Goes On (7:43)

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