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Nothing Feels Real

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Bleach Lab release their second lP, ‘Nothing Feels Real’, produced by Stephen Street (The Cranberries, The Smiths, Blur). Having previously been praised for their open-hearted emotionality, ‘Nothing Feels Real’ yet again finds the band processing complex emotions.

Whilst their debut EP, ‘A Calm Sense of Surrounding’ found them processing grief, in particular the loss of bassist Josh Longman’s father, its follow-up finds them striving to set boundaries both personally and romantically. From a musical standpoint, ‘Nothing Feels Real’ comprises their most immediate material to date. Influenced by the likes of The Sundays and The Cranberries, it features their biggest choruses, whilst the introduction of drummer Kieran Weston and his background in producing Bon iver-esque ethereal pop, has added an extra layer to Bleach Lab’s already complex sound. ‘Nothing Feels Real’ is the document of a band who have progressed both musically and emotionally since their last outing.


A1. Real Thing
A2. Violet Light
A3. Inside My Mind
A4. Talk It Out
A5. Then I Know
B6. Old Ways
B7. Never Be
B8. Ligthouse
B9. Flood
B10. Scars (Time Is A Healer) 

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