Native Dance 02

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Native Dance

About this item

Big room cosmic / Italo edits here from the Native Dance crew. "Alba" is an edit of MoHawk's "Carry The Light"; a frenetic, late night amyl-fueled number that gets your lost in the lasers and reaching out for your friends.

"Guapa" must be some lost Italian boogie record but god knows who its by. Synth brass and a plethora of digital keyboards decorate this track but the real gold is in that evocative and yearning vocal park.

"Sancho" is a smooth cosmic number, again with killer vox while "Lily" closes off proceedings with a kinda Italian street soul number that's infectious as hell.

Limited copies. 


Matt says: Beautifully presented 12" here with a lush screen printed sleeve housing four killer, big room cosmic edits. Not gonna hang around long I can assure you...


Side 1
1. Alba (5:06)
2. Guapa (4:55)

Side 2
1. Sancho (5:04)
2. Lily (4:01)

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