Inner Space PT2

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Dark Machine Funk

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Second release on Kerrie’s Dark Machine Funk label. Nurtured right here in Manchester, with Kerrie’s sterling tenure at Eastern Bloc Records a notable influence; we hear the sounds of industry, Detroit, Berlin and the reckless, permo-up-for-it rainy city spirit harnessed into four fizzy and perky tracks for ur all nite technoid discotheque! Moving through circuit-bent clangers, phosphorus-ladled acid bangers, and dark-as-you-like electro gliders; all with that robust, galvanized patina which is has becoming her trademark. There’s nods to the sound design of mid 90s prog and techno but overall it’s a pretty forward focused outing which amply places her as one of the top noise makers on the scene right now! Hard to draw immediate comparisons but if you’re digging the new directions that Blawan and his Ternesc label are taking then this is also bound to give you a tickle in the trousers. Recommended!


Matt says: Mad good technoid stylings from Kerrie other th'road at E Bloc. She's harnessing some wild sounds and fizzy rhythms from those machines I can tell thee! Slamming stuff, keep it up mate!


A1. No Imitation
A2. Pavlovian Response
B1. Social Climber
B2. Inner Space

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