Adelphi Music Factory

Under The Yellow Arch EP

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Beat Factory

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New one from peak timers ADF who drop the second release on burgeoning label Beat Factory.

The trio keep up their patented twist of high energy French house on side A; "Street Swimming" and "Love 2 Be" reclaiming galvanized disco hooks before looping them to insanity and compressing them to within an inch of the ground. It's like Roule on steroids and certain to send under 25 year-olds flailing haplessly into the speaker stacks.

B side track, "Rise" unpacks sheer carnival energy through woodblocks and synth brass pumping away - umpah tackle of the highest order and sticking two fingers up at the Balkan brigade. Finally, "The Crucible" slows things down to a groovy 110BPM and deposits rich boogie leads and golden guitar chops; plus a heavily compressed slap bassline that all-in-all, would probably have Shir Khan and his Black Jukebox peering enviously from the other side of the dancefloor pretending not to take note. Rock solid stuff from start to finish from these poster boys of the new house scene. 


Matt says: Stadium house with that French twist? It can only be Adelphi Music Factory!


A1 - Street Swimming
A2 - Love 2 Be
B1 – Rise
B2 - The Crucible

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