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Thee Church Ov Acid House - Volume 1

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Sherbert house goodness from a clutch of radar skippers who drop a blink-n-you'll-miss-it compilation of hardware driven fizz n fuzz. Laced with distortion and fearless abandon the squadron delve deep into hiss and static, armed with a modest selection of sound devices. The only real comparisons to draw are from Jamal Moss' Mathematics label, and indeed some of the rampant excursions in noize and rhythm that him and Steve Poindextor recorded under Africans With Mainframes.

This is real deal freshness folks. Feels like uncovering a dusty old rave cassette from the back of a Vauxhall Nova, 'cept the tracks on it are from a rickety old space station set on the dying days of Neptune. There's blown out moments of nebulous bliss, throbbing cyberotic disco jaunts and playful injections of synthesized tranquility. If we continue our cybernetic evolution this is was we'll be listening to when we start to populate other star clusters.

Fuckin' brilliant. Highly, highly recommended!


Matt says: Left of centre wobblies from a roster of artists I've never heard of before! This is really good - nagging acid, sloppy chuggers, beachball ticklers, luminous braindance - all weird corners of the dancefloor are catered for! Miss at your peril!


A1. Machines - Substanz
A2. Ultra House - Chewing Gum
A3. T.C.O.A.H. - Chapel Cottage
B1. Elektra - Surprise
B2. Tyson - G Phunk
B3. Bachelor Kisses - Brighter Than The Sun

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