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If soft, cushion-soft Balearic house and boogie is your cup of tea, then sit down and pour yourself a pot good sir! Pleasure Voyage unpack the languid, soft-house and ultra Balearic vibes of sipping cocktails by the pool, destined to take you away from dark grey Mancunian winter with dreams of better days...

Beautifully picked guitar lines, effortless percussion grooves, bass so warm you'll think you've pissed yourself and pads as voluptuous as Victoria Mitchel's cleavage. Bellissimo!

Recommended if you like International Feel, Claremont 56, Begin, Is It Balearic? and totally essential if you need to recreate those feels and flavours from Pikes Ibiza. Worth growing a moustache for! Recommended.



Side 1
1. Coconut Cak
2. Into The Blue
3. Melon Cocktails
4. Find Your Ocean
Side 2
1. Piano Love
2. Daydreams
3. La Mer

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