We Are The Night

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Baggy, downbeat electronica with a vocal twist?! Trust R&S to be ahead of the curve as usual. This release by Progedia combines the modern soul of artists like Jungle and Sault, the baggy breakbeats slowly creeping back into fashion and the hi-gloss electronica which has characterized this legendary label throughout it’s course.

With house luminary Charles Webster on hand to deliver two mixes, neither of which I was expecting! He shuns the obvious house route to deliver an ethereal, smudged electro-soul version, toying with the vocal part and adding peppered beats, rich layers of organic instrumentation and sweeping fx. It's a heady, encompassing listen that sucks you right into it's plasma bubble. The ambient mix continues the trend, smothering the listener in thick blankets of synthesized textures, static-emotions and interplanetary sparkle.

Seriously good. Who the F is this newcomer?! A truly magical listen and completely out of no where! Records like this make working here so much fun! Highly recommended. 


Matt says: Melting my mind with it's lavish & luxe sound design. There's nowt that springs to mind to compare it to. Old guard Charles Webster on hand with a curveball remix too. This is ACE!


Side 1
1. We Are The Night
Side 2
1. We Are The Night (Charles Webster Mix)
2. We Are The Night (Charles Webster Ambient Mix)

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