Manuel Tur

Rhythm Trainx Vol 3

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Running Back

About this item

Druggy AF DJ tools for your next cosmic / ALFOS / mollusc dance party! Seriously hot, if you thought percussive DJ tools were the sole privilidge of the house fraternity then Manuel Tur has leveled the scoresheets here, turning out a 8, yes EIGHT (!) thoroughly infectious, fizzy, squelchy, mid-tempo rhythm tracks that are gonna offer a 5th-dimension upgrade to your next cosmic-leaning DJ set.

I can express how well made these are - there's so much going on you'll probs find a fair few DJs just playing them out in their own right. They've taken that Chicago B-side template ('drum acapela' , 'DJ tool', 'drumstramental' etc) and superceded all expectation! 

One of the best rhythm tools my ears have digested in a GOOD while. For sheer sonic prowess and various intricacies contained within the 8 tracks ,they could be up there with some of the best ever made.

Creative DJs sleep at your peril! 100% necessary for any 3-deck cosmic wizards! 


Matt says: Crazy good DJ tool for the ALFOS and drug chug massive. Usually the reserve of the elite house DJ; now you too can pepper your adventurous DJ set with some wacked-out rhythms designed to lock you to the groove. Strictly for the brave!!


100.5 BPM (4:06)
100 BPM (4:07)
115 BPM (4:15)
121 BPM (4:04)
123 BPM (4:14)
125.5 BPM (4:24)
126 BPM (4:11)
150.62 BPM (4:11)

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