If Chickens Could Talk

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Disco Halal

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New offering from Disco Halal and Budakid. "If Chickens Could Talk" shines with that holiday house patina - shimming off crystalline waves as a hydrofoil cuts an elegant path back to the coast.

It's deep house with an endless smile and a permanently chilled drink, wiggling around the terrace / tiki bar / beach stage without a care in the world - because when the sun's out, your amongst friends and the music's this good - there really isn't!

Will defo appeal to fans of Permanent Vacation & Running Back, especially acts like Marco Passarani and Telephones. Thoroughly recommended. 


Matt says: Lovin' this. Blissed out deep house that's hella inventive, riddled with emotion and playable across myriad circumstances. Each track has that cranium-scorching memorability that leaves you feeling fuzzy inside.


Side 1
1. If Chickens Could Talk
2. Over Not Over
Side 2
1. Astray In Woodland
2. Ochre Tuesday
3. Cosmic Stork

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