The Idealist

Cosmic Music For Higher & Lower Awareness

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Hoga Nord

About this item

Noga Nord continue to rouse spirits from the dead with this latest release from The Idealist. A creepy, acid-driven, sonic voodoo ritual with the 303 the main tool of manifestation; it lurks in the shadows waiting to entice the weirdos and freaks away from the mainstream beige.

Both primal and modernist in equal measure, there's a tense, foreboding overtone to it all which makes it sound like a lost soundtrack to a film about witches, ghouls and goblins. With elements of dub, cosmic and acid all thrown into the cauldron oblivious to the multi-dimensional fallout and ramifications which might occur. We highly recommend listening accompanied by a recognized spirit guide. 


Side 1
1. Universal Lover (10:07)
2. Elevation Dub (feat Goran Kajfes) (5:23)
3. 23 Dead (7:11)
Side 2
1. War Chant (4:19)
2. High Times (5:18)
3. Animal Man (6:55)
4. Mind Dub (5:00)

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