Jacques Renault

Neighboursoul Edits Vol.2

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Neighboursoul Rhythms

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New York flavoured edits by Jacques Renault on Neighboursoul Rhythms. "Make Rhythm Machine" would've blown the sparkly tits off much of the Homo Bloc crowd last weekend here in Manchester. It's big room disco-house that immediately affiliates itself with the Horse Meat Disco & Glitterbox clientele.

"JFK Disco Dub" is more prime time, Theo Parrish than anything else. Like when he used to woo us with 10 minute long edits of James Brown at the Roadhouse and Plastic People; this killer weapon will drawn the floor into a funk frenzy while its sharp edits means ain't no one getting bored and heading to the bar!

Flip and "Real To Real" is a late night, glitterball-led roller skating anthem - no more explanation needed! Someone take me to the rink! Finally, "Gotta Serve Comebody" is a tuff n chunky disco-house fix that the heads are gonna dig. Looping guitars, hefty bass, weighty drums, this bad boy's got it all reminds me very much of Eric Duncan's COMBI edits... 'Nuff said!

If you need to spark a party, then this my friends is like pouring petrol on a bonfire. 


Matt says: High energy throughout, moving from nipple-tweaking disco to full thrust Theo funk and back again; Jacques Renault smashing it here on Neighboursoul Rhythms.


A1. Magic Rhythm Machine
A2. JFK Disco Dub
B1. Real To Real
B2. Gotta Serve Somebody

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