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Labor Days - 20th Anniversary Edition

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Block Block Chop

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It's been 20 years since Aesop Rock released "Labor Days". To celebrate two decades, the LP has been pressed on metallic copper vinyl. Aesop Rock's fourth release and his third full-length studio album, it finds the rapper confortable and eloquent. Combining grit, poise and originality into a killer combo. The project was originally released in 2001 as his first album on Definitive Jux. The album includes popular songs "Daylight" and "9-5ers Anthem", and guest features from Illogic and C-Rayz Walz, as well as production from Aesop Rock, Blockhead, and Omega One. It's not aged a bit, and indeed surprised most of our staff with the fact that it's 20 years old! A brilliant example of this incredible talent's unique style.


Disc: 1
1. No Regrets
2. Labor
3. One Brick
4. Daylight
5. The Tugboat Complex Pt. 3
6. Save Yourself
7. Flashflood
8. Coma

Disc: 2
1. The Yes & The Y'all
2. Battery
3. Boombox Apocalypse
4. 9-5ers Anthem
5. Shovel
6. Bent Life

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