Clive From Accounts

Strictly Business EP

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Razor-N-Tape Reserve

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Not only does Clive From Accounts possess one of the hottest names in new disco / deep house since Ross From Friends, he also makes some realllly tasty music!

Falling somewhere between Mahogany Music, Shir Khan and Stilove4music, "Strictly Business EP" if full of gently manipulated disco hooks, deep house bass lines and the kinda forward propulsion we expect on the dancefloors of now. All wrapped up in a lovely, dynamic, soulful patina that breathes and oozes between the spaces rather than rigidly grips to its strict quantize setting. Last track "Yukon" sees the producer delve into techy breakbeat territory with a seriously baggy beat, galvanized b-line and radioactive pads glowing white hot. Seriously impressive stuff throughout! Recommended. 


Matt says: Number forty on this prolific but steadfast and humble label. They just do what they do! But they do it great. Deep house with flecks of disco, just what the doctor ordered to get ya through the wet season.


A1.Tell Me
A2.Without Your Love
B1.Strictly Business

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