The Mystery Light

Image of Coyote - The Mystery Light
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Is It Balearic

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New Coyote LP on Is It Balearic? following the amazing, sell-out 12" - "Will We Ever Dance Again". Across two discs we get that polished, sun-kissed Coyote sound in all its unhurried glory.

Personal favourites include the Art Of Noise-esque "Simpson's Sky" - full of vintage sampling and those angelic pads that indicate peak Balearic mode. "Copacetic" drops more of those euphoric yet chilled piano chords that invite hefty comedowns lying by the shore. Add a sax line you'd only get away with on a Sunday and you'll riding the second wind in no time. "Woosh" opts for that proggy, free party chill which Suns Of Arqa nailed so well - tablas, reversed choir sounds and fire blankets of bass and pad pleasure - so good! Just time to mention the rasta-vox sampling, baggy end-of-nighter - "Don't Run It Extra Ordinary". A truly impressive journey, timeless in its execution and making you return the stylus to the beginning of the record time and time again. Recommended.


Side 1
1. Copacetic (4:57)
2. Don't Run It Extra Ordinary (5:38)
Side 2
1. Woosh (5:44)
2. Simpson's Sky (6:46)
Side 3
1. Friday's Child (5:18)
2. Mint Tea (5:27)
Side 4
1. Bougainvillea (4:34)
2. Cami De Sa Veleta (5:49)
3. The Outsider (3:14)

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