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Mark Radcliffe & Paul Langley present their newest release on Spun Out Of Control, presented in typically gorgeous fashion with two different formats for you to feast your eyes on. So what does it sound like you say? 

Well, after the brilliantly triumphant 'Opening Fanfare', this steady stream of Kraftwerkian light and retro-futuristic grooves hits us with the majestic 'Podgaric'. This piece outlines their intentions beautifully, with Langley's icy synthlines being offset by Radcliffe's repeated vocal phrases. It's this rare hint of vocals that helps to ground the tentatively euphoric swells and echoic reverb that cuts through the mix seamlessly.

Pieces like 'Ostra' further cement this retro-futuristic optimism, with sweeping arps and modulated filters working their way around a solid core of swooning pad swells and paddling aquatic ambience. 

While the more moody pieces like Niš are crucial to the flow of the LP, they only really shine when compared to their more upbeat neighbours, perfectly juxtaposing the spine-tingling heft and lysergic optimism of the following pieces ("all of us are equal, all of us the same"). 

As we flow into the later half of the LP, pieces like 'Kosmaj' echo the icy fragility hinted at in the earlier half of the LP, moving to dripping arps and quaint repeated synth phrases, coalescing into a driving rhythmic dancefloor material and providing the perfect counterpoint to the more atmospheric soundtracky numbers. 

It's a heady and intoxicating listen, oscillating (pun intended) between icy atmospherics and grooving, kosmische beauty. Yet another killer outing from Spun Out Of Control. 

ALL COPIES FROM HERE SIGNED BY MARK & PAUL. - Piccadilly exclusive. 


Barry says: It's brilliant this, clearly influenced by the electronic lineage of Kraftwerk and the psychedelic grooves of the late 70's, as well as icy film soundtrack material and brutalist minimalistic industrial. Wonderfully conceptualised and perfectly realised, and as always, presented beautifully by Spun Out. Exclusive signed editions in-store here too!


1. Opening Fanfare 00:27
2. Podgarić 04:11
3. Kozara 04:10
4. Kadinjača 05:03
5. Ostra 03:59
6. Niš 04:18
7. Barutana 04:59
8. Kosmaj 05:47
9. Tjentište 04:00
10. Podgarič (Reprise) 01:22
11. Closing Fanfare 00:31

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