UV-TV & Shark Toys

Split EP

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Record Label
Emotional Response

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Los Angeles post-punkers SHARK TOYS delight with off-kilter clatter of the highest caliber, possessing a jagged beauty that defies the songs shamble-pop brevity. Swell Maps and Television Personalities flavor the proceedings without dominating, with SHARK TOYS retaining their own American-DIY-art-punk identity through their wonderfully constructed and sonically thrilling songs. From Gainesville Florida, UV-TV's debut vinyl offering is a unique hybrid of infectious psyche-punk and dynamic indiepop. C86/Shop Assistants-esque melodies coupled with pounding toms and soaring dark angular post-punk guitar. This is stripped down 3 piece brutal-pop, with smatterings of feedback, counter balanced perfectly by the sweet melodic vocal delivery of Rose Vastola.


01. New Song #3
02. Delerium Tremens
03. Lilith
04. Only Matters When

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