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Basement, Etc…

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Anthony Naple's Brooklyn based label, Incienso drop the debut album from new artist Josh Abramovici.

Combining elements of trip-hop, acid house, dub, Korg Triton timbres and a healthy dose of the most chilling beats of the ‘20s, "Basement, Etc…" explores the shimmering, holographic soundscapes previously unearthed by sonic explores such as rAMZI, J. Albert and the Mood Hut & 1080p labels. There's also nods to the intimate future-shoegaze of Hype Williams or James Ferraro.

Previously recording under aliases snacs and VOSE 106, this new direction sees the artist exercising more freedom and a definite looseness as he sprawls out over seven unique tracks.

The perfect soundtrack for dark autumnal nights at home, on the tram or unwinding after a night out worshipping the smoke machines... 


1. Three Times
2. Solid Air City
3. Soft Tissue
4. Lab Rat Boogie
5. Adjust
6. Viewing Space
7. Wired

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