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Jondo's Little Princess EP sees Cologne's finest producer/DJ debut Dekmantel with a 4-track set of expansive atmospheres and reconstructed club tunes, alongside double bassist Maxwell Sterling and Australian producer DJ Plead.
Each track draws elements from the bass music trajectory, but effortlessly reassembles them in song-like arrangements that work just as fine in any headphone or home listening scenario.

The A-side has Jondo and Sterling team up for two dynamic pieces called "Dunkelziffer I" and "Dunkelziffer II". Whereas A1 serves drumless, RPG-like atmospheres reminiscent of Sterling's long-time collaborator James Ferraro, A2 is a full-on club joint packed with icy synths and complex rhythms that slowly eases into comforting ambient. On the B-side's "Whowhuwho", Jondo creates a powerful piece of instrumental-grime-turned-quasi-jungle with DJ Plead. For his remix, Russian techno prodigy Moa Pillar warps the already minimalist lead synth into an even more sparse yet effective dancefloor weapon.

Just as his celebrated DJ sets, the Little Princess EP proudly exhibits all of Jondo's musical roots – but instead of sticking with one style, tempo or formula, he innately trusts the music to let it take us into unexpected territories, time and time again.


Patrick says: This Dekmantel drop sees Phillip Jondo team up with Maxwell Sterling and DJ Plead to produce the next wave of bass heavy electronics. Grime, UK Funky, Warp electronics and future glitch all smashed together like they're at CERN.


A1. Phillip Jondo & Maxwell Sterling - Dunkelziffer I
A2. Phillip Jondo & Maxwell Sterling - Dunkelziffer II
B1. Phillip Jondo & Dj Plead - Whowhuwho
B2. Phillip Jondo & Dj Plead - Whowhuwho (Moa Pillar Remix)

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