Mr. Käfer & Phlocalyst

Now / Again

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Melting Pot

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Lofi heavyweights Mr. Käfer and Phlocalyst are restructuring the metaphysics of a jazz thing - to quote Gang Starr's genre-defining classic "Jazz Thing" from 1990. The fusion of hip-hop and jazz has come a long way but there are still new routes to explore and new stories to tell. Mr. Käfer and Phlocalyst are adding their own chapter to the saga with their collaborative album Now / Again to be released via Melting Pot Music. The vibe of the 12 tracks is chill. The kicks, snares and basslines are crisp but relaxed. Wrapped up in warm melodic layers and led by the distinctive sound of Phlocalyst's trumpet.

The Flemish producer grew up in Ghent and relocated to Munich where he plays in a classic orchestra - a rather uncommon day-job for a lofi producer with more than 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Mr. Käfer was born in Salzburg – the hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Crack Ignaz – to an Austrian mother and an Algerian father. Today he lives in Cologne. In his music he fuses influences from boom-bap to jazz to traditional North-African music. The album artwork was created by Cologne-based artist Giza One.


1. Facettes
2. Cloudscapes (feat. Sátyr)
3. Stellar
4. Room
5. Lanterns
6. Silence
7. Fractions
8. Memories
9. Evenings
10. Space Travels
11. Respirations
12. Drizzle

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