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Junglish Massive

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Klasse Wrecks

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Real deal, authentic as you like jungle business from an East Asian set of producers for the second volume of "Junglish Massive" on Klasse Wrecks.

House legend Soichi Terado unlocks his alter ego, Sumo Jungle and gets the EP underway with a decidedly playful, riotous collection of breaks and bass. Utilizing some get sped-up, slow-down drum hits, quirky vocal snips and gurgling organ lines it's skippy, uptempo and should get the kids pogoing at the front in no time.

Label owner Mr. Ho deposits some hefty amens, tentative pads and growling bass onto the sax-laden stems of "Championsound". Rich with liquid influences and some raggamuffin vox for the sound systems.

Finally, Mogwaa takes us into space with "Been So Long". Decorated with galactic keys, pummeling subs and a plethora of vintage breaks it's a hardy, ruffneck affair which recalls the pirate radio sounds of Bizzy B, the stripped back presha of Ray Keith and the sci-fi dnb of Ed Rush. Mega! 


Matt says: Big new jungle 12" from the Klasse Wrecks firm which gives the old guard a serious run for their money. The techniques and studio trickery are second-to-none, ripping apart some classic breakbeats to devastating effect whilst their pad, synth and sample usage is highly sophisticated and advanced. Massive!


Sumo Jungle - Grand Senshuuraku
Mr. Ho - Championsound
Mogwaa - Been So Long

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