Martin / Deason

Stimulated Planet

Image of Martin / Deason - Stimulated Planet
Record Label
Third Wave Audio

About this item

For fans of modern deep techno - think D. Ball, John Shima, Steevio etc - the first 12" from the team of Gary Martin and Sean Deason on new label Third Wave Audio should be quite an exciting prospect!

Continuing the hardware-driven lineage old old, Martin & Deason join the established ranks of today's synthesizer brigade, utilizing impressive sound design coupled with expert dancefloor kinetics to construct earnest nightclub tracks riddled with feeling and emotion.

Starting with the squelchy, 303-emboldened acid house of opener, "Bon Appetit", through the multi-dimensional rainbow road techno of "Dance Cosmic". Side B sees a shuffled 909 snare bomardment penetrate through suspended glacial whispers before "The Goal" drives us deep into the rave bunker's crust with spirally vox, tribal toms and swirling synth lines. Impressive stuff throughout - highly recommended!


A1. Bon Appetit
A2. Dance Cosmic
B1. Departure
B2. The Goal 

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