Tannins EP

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Eternal Ocean

About this item

For his sophomore EP and first on wax, NYC based producer and audio engineer Andrew Nerviano aka Plebeian serves up a psychedelic sound system workout designed for deep and explorative club contexts. Opening up with the luminescent soundscapes of "Enzymes" he transitions seamlessly into more rugged and stripped back territory on "Tannins". Flipping over we find hypnotic sub-killer "Neutrinos" before closing the excursion with "Quantum" which slithers and jitters its way through a variety of hyperdimensional wormholes. Shimmering and crystalline yet durable and robust this is fully dosed scuba gear for the deep bass explorers. Wet suit not included. 


A1. Enzymes
A2. Tannins
B1. Neutrinos
B2. Quantum

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