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"Burning Hot" is one of the hottest tunes from Peven's sizzling discography, a smooth, driving, NY anthem that simmers, drives and thrusts in the producer's unique and iconic style. Constantly rising, through expertly written strings and live wandering bassline, Peven's legendary vocal sits atop of the crest of the wave awaiting a huge eruption of energy and euphoria. House music doesn't get much better than this!

On the B-side we get an unreleased demo taken from the original song recording which is a more live, organic, slightly stripped back version which still simmers white hot, pumping around that killer vocal hook and guided by gilded Stratocasters and a funky, finger picked bass which'll absolutely slay the Southport Weekender and Electric Chair tribes.

Limited copies - highly recommended! 


A1: Burning Hot
B1: Burning Hot (Unreleased Demo)

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