Versions 002

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Kassian Versions

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Kassian (not to be confused with Alex Kassian of recent Balearic anthem fame) continue their hand-stamped vinyl only edits series with another massive 12" of disco-house jams. If this one is anywhere near as popular as the first, you'll need to be quick !!

On the A-side the duo house the ever loving fuck out of Barbara Roy's "If You Want Me" (let's not forget Ecstasy, Passion and Pain), transforming the disco classic into a proper peak time pumper primed for dance floor destruction. Over on the B-side our stars get super loopy for "So Nice" working the filters like it's 1999 for a modern take on the French Touch. There may be a severe lack of MDMA on our shores at the moment, but this is gonna keep the dancers moving just fine!


A. If You Want Me
AA. So Nice

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