Houeida Hedfi

Appel Du Danube (Inc. Nídia Remix)

Image of Houeida Hedfi - Appel Du Danube (Inc. Nídia Remix)
Record Label
Phantasy Sound

About this item

Phantasy are proud to introduce the first reverberations of a new project from Tunisian multi-instrumentalist Houieda Hedfi, produced alongside Olof Dreijer, best known for his work in The Knife and as Oni-Ayhun. Foreshadowing an upcoming full-length album, two distinctive tracks are accompanied by a remix from Portugese DJ/producer Nídia.

'Appel du Danube’ gradually expands from twinkling glass to lucid strings and classical piano, a startlingly emotive composition that’s cinematic in scope and ambition. Hedfi and Dreijer both feature on title track ‘Echos de Medjerda’, inviting listeners to lean into a spacious circle of percussive sound, conducting a brief journey full of melodic lurches and static interference, hinting at both magic and menace.

Nídia, a key member of Lisbon’s hugely influential Principe collective, continues the fluid nature of the project by contributing tarraxo and kuduro influences to the traditional Tunisian rhythm elements throughout ‘Echos de Medjerda’.


A1. Appel Du Danube Feat. Planningtorock
B1. Echos De Medjerda Feat. Olof Dreijer (NIDIA Remix)
B2. Echos De Medjerda Feat. Olof Dreijer

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