Chiastic Slide - 2021 Reissue

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Autechre are probably the best thing to have ever come out of Rochdale; them and Lisa Stansfield. The duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth have forged a sound and a legacy that would inspire a whole generation. They took electronica deep into the club and back again - one of those acts that sit as well amongst the lazers as it does the coffee table. Singular, innovative and altogether worshipped by their fans.

"Chiastic Slide" is one of the greatest electronic LP's of all time. Released in 1997 it left heads spinning with its still timeless production, uncanny ability to manipulate beats and deep emotive synthesis which would surely inspire BOC's "Music Has The Right To Children The Following Year". Now reissued alongside their other groundbreaking LP - "LP5". 


1 Cipater
2 Rettic AC
3 Tewe
4 Cichli
5 Hub
6 Calbruc
7 Recury
8 Pule
9 Nuane

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