LP5 - 2021 Reissue

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Second repress from Rochadale's finest electronica exponents this week. Alongside the amazingly innovative "Chiastic Slide", "LP5" is probably one of their most loved albums. Undeniably hi-tech, it plots a sonic path through alien soundscapes, future industry and showcases their clattering, plinkity-plonk drum programing to devastating effect. They toy with time stretch and tempo throughout; resulting in an experience which leaves the listener feeling quite elastic. Elsewhere they draw static and electromagnetic energy from their impressive array of gear; smothering the whole album in a crackly, charged patina which would fast become their trademark. Ending with the painfully sublime, "Drane2", this is emotion-riddled electronic music dreamt up by techno angels in North Face's.

Limited repress - don't sleep!


1 Acroyear2
2 777
3 Rae
4 Melve
5 Vose In
6 Fold4,Wrap5
7 Under BOAC
8 Corc
9 Caliper Remote
10 Arch Carrier
11 Drane2

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